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Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. Ltd.- CRGO Toroidal Transformer Core & Round and Rectangular Transformer Core manufacturer in India
Nomax Electrical Steel :CRGO Stacked Transformer Core lamination manufacturer in India,CRGO Steel Cores ,Grain Oriented Steel Lamination,Exporter of CRGO Lamination Cores ,Electrical Steel Lamination CRGO Cores in Kolkata India,CRGO Lamination Magnetic Cores Exporter. Search

CRGO STEEL: Manufacturers of Grain Oriented Lamination'CRGO' Grain Oriented Transformer Laminations upto 200 MVA Power Transformer,CRGO Built Up Power Transformer Cores, CRGO Slit Coils to Customer Specification and CRGO Rectangular Wound Core.

Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of CRGO Transformer Cores in India Leading Manufacturer of CRGO Electrical Steel in India. There are two main types of electrical steel CRGO grain-oriented and CRNGO non-oriented .
India based CRGO Manufacturer offering CRGO Transformer Cores and CRGO Slit Coils.
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CRGO STEEL: Manufacturers of CRGO Transformer Core Laminations & CRGO Strips in India.
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Welcome to Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. Ltd - Transformer Core and Toroidal Transformer Core manufacturer in Kolkata India.

Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. Ltd is a manufacturer of  Grain Oriented Steel (CRGO) & Cold Rolled Non Oriented Electrical Steel (CRNGO) Transformer Lamination Cores ,CRGO Lamination -Built Up Magnetic Cores and CRGO Round Toroidal & CRGO Rectangular Wound Cores for low and high frequency Distrubution and Power Transformers, Inductors, Generators and variety of other electromagnetic applications that are used in electrical and Power Electronic Industries.

Products : Transformer Cores, Stacked Transformer Cores, Toroidal Cores, E & I Transformer Core manufacturer in India.
CRGO Transformer Cores for Distribution and Power Transformers Upto 200 Mva ,CRGO Lamination 45 Degree and 90 Degree Cut as Per Design V-Notched ,Punched with holes and without Holes, CRGO Transformer Lamination Cores for Distribution and Power Transformers Upto 200 Mva
CRGO & CRNGO Strips Slit Coils as per Design,CRGO Strip Lamination,CRNGO Slit Coils Strips Manufacturer in India. CRGO & CRNGO Strips Slit Coils to Customers Specifications in available Grades of CRGO and CRNGO
CRGO Stacked Cores,CRGO Built Up Cores (Complete CRGO assembled cores for small medium and big Power Transf's) CRGO Built-Up Transformer Cores (Complete Assembled CRGO Magnetic Cores for Small Medium and Big Power Transformers Upto 10 MVA)
CRGO Wound And Toroidal Transformer Cores Manufacturer,CRGO Rectangular Core Exporter,CRGO Round Core Manufacturer. CRGO Rectangular Wound Cores (CRGO Distrubution Gap Cores) And CRGO Round Toroidal Transformer Cores
CRGO & CRNGO E & I Transformer Core For Mono-phase Transformer and three phase dry Transformers,Grain Oriented Steel Cores,CRGO E I Stacked Cores CRGO & CRNGO E & I Transformer Lamination For Mono-phase Dry and three phase  Transformers
Production Process for CRGO Mitred Cores and CRGO Round and Rectangular Cores.
Production processes of CRGO Grain Oriented  Lamination and CRGO Toroidal Cores ...
Production processes of CRGO Transformer Lamination Core.
about CRGO
Important Electrical Properties of CRGO Grain Oriented Electrical Steel ...
Important Electrical Properties of CRGO Steel...
More About CRGO Steel
CRGO Grain Oriented Electrical steel are used for Distrubution and Power Transformers.
Application of CRGO & CRNGO
Application of CRGO Grain Oriented & CRNGO Non -Oriented Electrical Steel

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Nomax Steel : Manufacturers of CRGO Lamination Cores Ranging from 10 Kva to Power Transformers , CRGO Slitted Coils to Customers Specs from the Required Grade of Materials,CRGO Built Up Transformer Cores Upto 10 MVA and CRGO Toroidal Round Core for Instrument Transformers.